Vendor Endorsements:

“We just wanted to take the time to say what a pleasure it was working with you! We’ve worked with coordinators over the years, and your level of professionalism and organization is top notch and the best we have seen! So thank you, it makes our job much easier!!!.”

~Sean & Nikki Burns, SeaNik Photography


“Over the Years, I have had the opportunity to work with One Sweet Day on a number of events, and can say that they are one of the most professional, organized, and communicative Coordinators around. One Sweet Day has a great ability to see the big picture on an Event, while keeping focused on the details so important to both vendors and clients. In this business you must be able to anticipate problems before they happen.  The ability to do so with a level head served them well. No matter how stressful the situation I know that they will keep order, organization and clarity.”

~Joe Thies, Command Performance Catering Group


“These ladies were two of the most professional, organized, energetic people I have ever met. I knew our venue was in good hands! The day of the event, One Sweet Day had their hired hands come and quickly start making over the space for the 150 guest count. Their attention to detail with the pressed linens, perfectly placed centerpieces and event stationary folded into each napkin truly transformed the space into an elegant affair. The event was a huge success, and both Courtney and Jessie stayed until the very end as we locked the place up, making sure everything was just as they found it. Since the event I have referred them to my personal friends and family, and I hope to work with them again in the future. One Sweet Day is truly one of the best event planning company’s I’ve ever worked with; they are welcome back into out restaurant anytime!”

~Cara Faye Earl, Buca Di Beppo Italian Restaurant


“Courtney and Jessie were creative during the planning process, followed through with their timeline meticulously and worked through any unexpected kinks gracefully. What I found most impressive about Courtney and Jessie was their ability to connect with the client and fully support the client’s vision as though the wedding was their own.”

~Kaitlin Kuykendall, Center Club Private Venue, Costa Mesa


“I did a wedding on Saturday night with One Sweet Day and they were the best coordinators I have ever worked with. Nothing short of brilliant! Good event planners / coordinators are tough to come by. In all my years of experience, I can honestly say that I have never seen a more professional and helpful team of people. Each team member of One Sweet Day was strategically placed through out the day to assist the bridal party, vendors and hosts of the venue. Courtney arrived with the Bride and Groom and had quietly been by their side all day, guiding them through the madness of the day with ease and of course, right to the minute of the schedule. Upon her arrival, Courtney immediately came to the kitchen to introduce herself to all my staff with hugs and a big smile on her face. This wedding was the easiest, calmest event I have ever worked in my entire career of 14 years. During the beginning of the set up, the rental company had not finished the kitchen we requested to build outside of the house. The rental company had also delivered the wrong equipment. Courtney and Jessie had the problems solved and handled in less than 15 minutes so my crew could get cooking and keep on track for service. These ladies did not mess around. Erin was posted at the front door, greeting each guest and guiding them to where everything they needed might be. Courtney and Jessie attending to the vendors simultaneously taking care of the bridal party and guest seating. They continued to check on me and my team to see if we needed anything or how they could assist us. If you are looking for an event specialist, if it be for a wedding, bridal shower, birthday party or any event, don’t waste your time going any further than One Sweet Day, Weddings and Events. Thank you Courtney, Jessie and Erin!”

~Justine Whitney, Justine’s Private Cuisine, Thousand Oaks


“Claudia and I had such a good time working with you. You are a nice person who is impossible to forget. We truly hope to work again with you here in Cabo or any where.”

~Irela Garcia, photostyleincabo, Cabo San Lucas


“After having a truly great experience working with Courtney and Jessie, I plan to hire them for both my and my clients’ future events. They are on top of all details, 100% of the time, which gave me peace of mind and complete trust. The girls are smart, have great business savvy, and they are a pleasure to communicate and work with.”

~Lara Greenberg, Streamline Inc.

Client Endorsements:

“I just had the pleasure of working with Courtney and Jessie at my daughter’s wedding last weekend at Spanish Hills Country Club. This company was on the list of coordinators supplied by the venue. My daughter actually did most of the communicating with Courtney, but I cannot express enough how wonderful it was to have these 2 lovely girls there the day of the wedding and rehearsal. Courtney completely thought of everything- she was pleasant and so “on top of things”. Courtney and Jessie got along so well with the other vendors too. I was expecting some wedding stress but was amazed at how fun the whole wedding was for me! I almost cried when they handed me the keys to my car afterwards and every single gift and decoration we brought was loaded and packed up!! She is so organized and attentive to detail just like my beautiful daughter! Thank you so much!!!!”

~Kate, Mother of the Bride


“First off, get a wedding coordinator. If you think you can do it yourself, good for you, but having one goes such a long way. Now hire One Sweet Day and your big day just got that much better! Courtney, Jessie, and the rest of their team truly made all the difference in why our wedding went so smooth. Courtney is so on top of everything and is always there ready to respond with anything you need. She is not only an expert on coordinating weddings but is an excellent project manager. She has a skill set that was so impressive, that a control freak like me had no problems simply taking a step back and letting the pros do their thing. I can’t thank them enough for going above and beyond in everything whether it was reviewing our vendor contracts, meeting multiple times and always being by our side to ensure everything went according to plan. And even when some things had to change or shift, you wouldn’t have known because the entire OSD team executed all of their tasks flawlessly.”

~Josh, Groom


“Life is finally getting back to normal, yet I’ve spent the past two weeks savoring our wedding and thinking it went by too quickly. The feedback from everyone was extraordinary and the pictures spoke to what a fine event it turned out to be. Thanks to Courtney and Jessie, it seemed very simple, and of course, all art looks that way, not revealing the amount of work and practice that makes it feel so effortless. You clearly know how to make the bride feel that everything is under control, and it will all fall into place in the end, which it did. You were great to work with, although the majority of the work part was yours. The flowers were gorgeous, the food divine, parking was effortless, and all the rentals, including installation and take down, were flawless. The two of you trying to find any left over rentals, personal items, trash etc. at the end of the wedding was remarkable, like little tinkerbells finishing up for the night…removing the magic that was created only hours before. Some of that magic still lingers, as it should, from such a treasured experience. I loved the market lights, and everyone remarked we should keep them up. They gave a romantic and magical cast to the whole evening. Everything you recommended and gave life to, seemed absolutely right! You two are gifted in your profession!”

~Amy, Bride


“HOLY COW. These guys are the best. They really took care of us. They were with us during most of our 2 year engagement; I would mentioned little details at the beginning planning stages, and they would totally remember and remind me a year later! SO GOOD. I was super busy with school, work, getting married, and moving out of state and they handled EVERYTHING for us! They would talk to our vendors, make sure we weren’t getting ripped off, and review all the contracts. Everyone told me that things might not go the way I planned, on our wedding day…well it did. Everything was perfect, and it was because of Courtney and Jessie. Seriously, if you are reading this, hire them. You won’t find anyone better. There couldn’t possibly be anyone better.”

~Tiffany, Bride

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you put into my wedding. You ladies were the biggest part of the puzzle in making my wedding day spectacular. You were always there for anything we needed and kept a constant smile on your faces. From storing my wedding dress, to handling my mom in her “moments”, to pulling a Magiver and making a boutineer on the spot, and helping me troubleshoot all the other unexpected kinks we had, you exceeded all expectations of mine. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You made my day beautiful and I am so appreciative of who you are and what you do.

~Kelsey, Bride


“I had no idea how much I needed One Sweet Day. Yes, I can plan, I can organize, I can keep all the details in my head, but never, ever, ever, even had I been cloned 4 times over, could I have enjoyed the wedding like I was able to had you not been there. Thank you so very much, for handling this particular and sometimes pushy mom, and your own difficult jobs so expertly. As we savor all the memories of the wedding for years to come, your name, your faces, and your gentle spirits will be a part of them.”

~Sandy, Mother of the Bride


“Courtney and Jessie where great to work with, super friendly and very professional. My wife and I thought we wouldn’t need a coordinator and only got one at first because our venue required, we couldn’t of been any luckier to find One Sweet Day. They were readily available to answer any question we had and offer suggestions when we needed. I couldn’t have imagined the wedding day going any better than it did without their help. Everything went off with out a hitch and I still get compliments about how great of a job they did even a month after the wedding! I will definitely use them for my next event and will recommend them to any of my friends.”

~Katelyn & Mano, Bride and Groom


“My fiancé and I paid for a large portion of our wedding ourselves. Because of that, we really went back and forth about whether or not we should hire a coordinator. It was hard to justify the significant expense for just one day, especially when we were not really sure what a coordinator would be doing. We were referred to One Sweet Day through a family friend and, based on their recommendation and the reasonable rates, we decided to hire them for Limited Coordination Services. We got so much more than we bargained for! From the day we hired them, Courtney and Jessie were always checking in with us, making suggestions, contacting our vendors and coordinating with our venue. They met with us to walk through our venue and walk through potential photo spots for our wedding party and our romance shots. They also gave us a sample first look photo album in case we decided to do one. We were stuck on whether to do anything special during our ceremony and they suggested a wine box ceremony. It was perfect for us! They were very professional and took control during rehearsal, even with crying infant twin flower girls. Before the wedding, they met me at my hotel room and collected a large box of decorations to adorn the venue. Between assisting our photographers in keeping people organized and answering any vendor questions, they ran around setting up our iPad photobooths and props, moving floral arrangements, setting out favors and photos. They took care of everything! If anything did not go according to plan, I had no idea. They had great attitudes and were a pleasure to work with. Our wedding day was flawless and stress-free. I can’t recommend Courtney and Jessie enough.”

~Jessica & Tyler, Bride and Groom


“One Sweet Day’s coordination of my event was absolutely crucial; I did not realize how much assistance I would need until the planning process begun to unfold. They noted preferences during the brainstorming stage, and reminded me of many items which I’m certain would have been lost in the fray otherwise. I had complete confidence that One Sweet Day could facilitate the event as I visioned, and they sure did. I felt assured of their abilities and still felt in control; they communicated changes to the timeline and brought any questions to me for decisions; all while I was able to relax knowing they were on it. One Sweet Day attended to everything with ease, respect and great attention to detail. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone planning an event, small or large. They will be my first call if ever undertaking a party again.”

~Jesse Marie, Bride


“Your work warrants a note of appreciation… You ladies did an outstanding job – from beginning to end. The event was well-organized, color- coordinated, and just fun. There was a nice variety of food; all of it delicious. Though I am not usually a game person, the games you chose were fun and educational. I loved all the little and big details – the entry sign, the “poster”, the backdrop, the napkins, etc. You should be proud of such a successful event; your passion really showed through! But, most importantly, the guest of honor loved it. Thank you for everything. Your hard work and creativity was all worth it.”

~Fran, Family Member